Ingress: The Niantic Project Files, Volume 2 (Ingress -The Niantic Project Files) (English Edition)

(as of Apr 16,2018 12:17:40 UTC – Details)

A year into the investigation, P.A. Chapeau must come to terms with his role in two tragedies: The death of Carrie Campbell, a brave, visionary woman who sacrificed herself to save human civilization from self-destruction, and the takeover of a human mind by an AI that he helped create. Chapeau walks away, leaving the duty of uncovering the truth about Exotic Matter to the mysterious Verity Seke, and there’s much to investigate: An ancient society that has been protecting the secrets of XM-induced immortality, the resurrection of an Enlightened leader, and a desperate movement to save humanity from embarking on a path to its own destruction.

From the efforts to resurrect Roland Jarvis in 13MAGNUS to Hank Johnson’s Recursion, each document from Verity Seke’s daily investigation is presented here, in Volume 2 of The Niantic Project Files.

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